MC 103 – the Honolulu’s Rainbow

The City’s Rainbow Society was made based on the Unconditional love; a passage delivered during Mother’s Day Seminar held in Hawaii, Honolulu. The whole workshop was spent sharing stories of real unconditional love and celebrating the voices of mothers who love against all the odds, stories that spoke of the power of a mother’s love in the face of adverse general criticism for gay people.

This online forum covers issues of dealing with parental expectations and good intentions, the emotions that accompanied the complex issue of COMING OUT, and how important it is to keep family relationships close and communication channels open.


We dedicate the Honolulu’s Rainbow Society, and with this website, provides a place where parents, family members and friends of gay and transgender people can find information to understand the issues better, learn from accepting families, share stories and experiences, and most of all learn to build strong and close relationships with their loved ones.

Sharing information, experiences to this forum will be helpful to help friends, parents, and family members of LGBTQ persons understand their loved one’s better

MC 103 encourages all with LGBTQ family and friends, and LGBTQ persons themselves, to stand up and join us in our work.
By being open about yourself and your family, you are already helping to dispel misinformation and fear.
You can take the next step by telling others about the Rainbow. Together we can promote real family values of understanding, acceptance, respect and love.

Our mission is to form a network of support, affirmation, and empowerment for families and friends of LGBTQ persons by providing information and resources and encouraging dialogue that promotes respect for human diversity and the well-being of all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning individuals.