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Four months too soon for moving in?

It’s premature if you’re asking yourself whether it’s too quickly. I understand the impulse to be generous with your sweetheart, both since you wish to assist her through a rough area and because you want to level up your relationship.

Six months is the earliest “appropriate” move-in date if you care what others think; when it feels best to the both of you is exactly what I ‘d recommend, so your next action would be to find out exactly what that means. Your girlfriend’s nerves may suggest she isn’t all set yet, or it may be jitters about moving in with a partner if she’s never done that previously– jitters that would still exist in two months.

Six months is the earliest “acceptable” move-in date if you care precisely what others believe; when it feels right to both of you is what I ‘d suggest, so your next action would be to determine just what that means.

Why don’t the two of you have a fun date night where you speak about her loans, speak about where you’re both at, and come up with a timespan that feels great for everybody? Do not head out (cause that would make her invest money). Perhaps you buy in or cook for her (super romantic), have a couple of beers, and talk about innovative ways to address her loan dilemma that might or might not include moving in. Let her share her feelings about loan payments and relocating, and let her choose what feels right for her right now.

Possibly you pay for more of your dates so she can money more money towards her loan payments, or you invest less time out at brunch, bars, or wherever you spend money. Maybe she relocates with you when her lease is up five months from now, and in between now and then she gets a 2nd task to manage her loan payments. Or perhaps moving in is the very best option– but let her pick it.

How to Delegate Bills

If she does relocate with you and you cover her share of the rent, discover ways for her to contribute. Perhaps she washes or pays the utilities. Your next stage as a couple will stream smoother if you’re on rather an even footing. Make it a discussion.

Personal Experience

I have had friends move in rapidly, and it’s all worked out, even when I had to bite my tongue from informing them they were making a wrong choice. If you two decide to relocate together at four months, it could work out great. But it could go the other method– it honestly depends upon how compatible you remain in the long term. This isn’t something you are going to know after four months.

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