Flirting with Straight Women

Straight Women Flirt with lesbians

How to Spot Flirting with Straight Women

So, this old high-school associate of yours, I do not think she reached out to social media simply because she wished to catch up and go for breakfast. I think she had a very specific and personal factor for reaching out to you. When that woman did, and it probably involved external validation of her identity at the expense of your identity.

She was flirting with you over text since:

It’s not challenging to deal with, so she does not have to see you

It turned her on to send flirty messages

She may be mentally closed down after a breakup and flirting with you offered her a little trigger of hope she could one day be a sexual being again. Men are assholes

She isn’t getting male attention she used to, and she misses out on it/needs it/craves it

She wished to attempt flirting with a lady to see if she was possibly bi and chose when you fulfilled face to face she is not bi, or too into you

This is a kink for her, and you were merely her latest drive-by kink victim.

I’m not opposed to lesbians having women directly for pals. Some of my friends are straight ladies. And they will tell you the advantage of having a lesbian BFF go deep. But my friends never leaned on me without returning, and they didn’t utilize me for attention they weren’t receiving from guys.

She doesn’t want to be friends with you since she never wanted a relationship. She wanted your attention. Stop stressing over this social networks space case and conserve your concerns genuine, dateable women. It’s not your task to rehab straight women back to dateable condition. Set boundaries and just offer your attention and time to individuals who can reciprocate.

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