lesbian moving boxes

Lesbian Moving In Timeline

Four months too soon for moving in? It’s premature if you’re asking yourself whether it’s too quickly. I understand the impulse to be generous with your sweetheart, both since you wish to assist her through a rough area and because you want to level up your relationship. Six months is the earliest “appropriate” move-in date […]

Straight Women Flirt with lesbians

Flirting with Straight Women

How to Spot Flirting with Straight Women So, this old high-school associate of yours, I do not think she reached out to social media simply because she wished to catch up and go for breakfast. I think she had a very specific and personal factor for reaching out to you. When that woman did, and […]

two women on bed

Falling for the Straight Girl

Falling for the Wrong Straight Girl You’ve been used by a most likely straight lady looking for lesbian attention to soothe some deep inner injury. Congratulations, and welcome to the club! Numerous, lots of, numerous gay women are in your company. Straight females– and some not-straight ladies, yes– find lesbians a genuine fountain of female […]

My GF is One Way Sex

My Girlfriend only wants “ONE WAY SEX”

Are they only applicable for the Masculine Femme in the Relationship? There might be numerous reasons your new lady doesn’t want to be touched. She may derive all her satisfaction from touching you and discover it sidetracking that you wish to reciprocate. She may be uneasy about the length of time it takes her to […]